Stephanie R. Moore,  RN 

                            Owner - Professional Doula

My happiest memories are when my two beautiful children were born. I remember each of their births like it was yesterday, amazed that it has actually been 23 years since my first was born! I suppose that I will carry these special moments with me throughout my entire life. Knowing how cherished these memories are for me is a key motivator as to why I became a doula. The path to motherhood begins the day a woman learns she is pregnant. All of the planning, preparation, and dreaming about the big event can be ruined by a gap between expectations and what actually occurs. Comfort, support, advocacy, and empowerment are my gifts to every mother-to-be, so she can labor in the most secure atmosphere possible. My goal is to have every birth story full of happy endings, since it will be cherished for a lifetime.