Stephanie R. Moore,  RN 

                     Owner - Professional Doula

My happiest memories are when my two beautiful children were born. I remember each of their births like it was yesterday, amazed that it has actually been 23 years since my first was born! I suppose that I will carry these special moments with me throughout my entire life. Knowing how cherished these memories are for me is a key motivator as to why I became a doula. The path to motherhood begins the day a woman learns she is pregnant. All of the planning, preparation, and dreaming about the big event can be ruined by a gap between expectations and what actually occurs. Comfort, support, advocacy, and empowerment are my gifts to every mother-to-be, so she can labor in the most secure atmosphere possible. My goal is to have every birth story full of happy endings, since it will be cherished for a lifetime.


 Alexa Valdez-Fagan, DC  

Professional Doula

Having experienced a traumatic hospital birth with my first son, I began to understand the importance of educating and supporting women in their childbirth options. Every moment of my sweet Maddox's birth will be with me for the rest of my life and has resulted in my passion to advocate on behalf of women in their choices for birth. As a Chiropractor, I am Webster Technique certified and have received extensive education and training in pediatrics and pregnancy. My practice is specifically geared towards providing quality prenatal Chiropractic care which provided me a unique opportunity to support women throughout their pregnancies, educate them on their childbirth options, and provide Chiropractic care throughout labor. The birth of my second son, born very peacefully and naturally, changed my life and healed my heart. As a result, I chose to pursue doula work in hopes that I could further encourage women to take charge of their own pregnancy and childbirth, and to empower them to trust their bodies and the process of birth. Having the knowledge and experience as a Chiropractor, I work to help ensure babies are optimally positioned for healthy safe births, provide physical and emotional support for families throughout labor and birth, and provide education and support postpartum with breastfeeding. I've been providing prenatal chiropractic care for 6 years and have attended a number of births providing chiropractic care throughout labor and delivery.

 Alison Horning, CD (DONA) 

Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula

As I sit with one of the mamas waiting to deliver her first daughter, I am remembering the birth of my own daughter, now 23. I had her by cesarean section due to a breech presentation. I also have two sons and one other daughter. My one son and my daughter were adopted as medically involved infants. My other son was a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) birth. I have a passion for helping mamas who look for a successful VBAC themselves.  I breastfed all four of my children, including my two adopted ones. I believe that what I was able to provide them nutritionally was only enhanced by the bonding and love that occurs in giving your baby what you consider the best. I fostered 41 kids for over 14 years – almost all of them had some sort of medical issue. I enjoy sewing and crochet in my free time as well as all of the various amusement parks found here. I love spending time with my kids and watching my 15 year old baby girl play varsity softball. Participating in the birthing process is a joy for me and when people ask me how I can stay awake for long periods during a labor, my pat answer is that I leave the mama and family on an emotional high that carries me on my drive home. I love my job!

 Randi McCallian, CD (DONA)

Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula

To witness and support a mother and child during the transition from womb to world is an incredible experience; one to be treasured and remembered for a lifetime. I believe knowledge is a crucial component in a mother and father’s ability to make truly informed choices concerning their family. I am here to provide emotional, informational and physical support to a laboring mother and her family. I have studied prenatal and perinatal psychology and I am currently in a Maternal and Child health graduate program at USF. As a doula, I look to empower the mother in her ability to choose what is right among the options for her and her baby; through this a mother can experience her birth in a powerful way.

 Traci Cleveland

Certified Birth Doula

Aside from being a mother of my own three beautiful daughters, the thing I am most passionate about is helping and supporting other mothers. My passion and fascination to learn about pregnancy and birth began when I was a senior in high school and continued to grow a few years later when I became pregnant with my first child. When my first daughter was born I knew that all I wanted to do was work in a career involving pregnancy. I was lucky enough to experience an all-natural birth with a doula during the labors of my youngest daughters. Ever since then I was sure that being a doula was what I was meant to be.